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Renocare provide consultation for various forms of kidney disease.

Treatment Offered

We provide consultation for various forms of kidney disease.

Acute kidney injury

Sudden decrease in kidney function commonly caused by infection, medication and dehydration.

Urinary tract infection

It’s an infection of urinary system which includes kidneys, urinary bladder and urethra.

Chronic kidney disease

Gradual decline in kidney function over years commonly due to diabetes, hypertension, drugs and genetic causes. It’s usually managed by medication in early stages and dialysis or kidney transplantation in advanced stages.


Its condition associated with high blood pressure and associated with slow and progressive damage to kidneys. In young patients kidney diseases are the common cause of hypertension.

Diabetic kidney disease

It’s a slowly progressive decline in kidney function over years and usually associated with other complication of diabetes such as damage to eyes, nerves and heart

Kidney transplantation

It’s a surgical procedure which includes removal of kidney from donor (live or dead) and placing it into patient with kidney diseases.


It’s a procedure where blood is purified from toxins produced by metabolism of food. The procedure includes removal of blood from body and passing it through filtration system and returning the purified blood to body

Peritoneal dialysis

It’s a procedure which included removal of toxins in blood through natural membrane present in the abdomen. A sterile concentrated fluid is poured inside the abdomen through tube and same fluid is drained after 4-6 hours later.


Nephrology Specialist (Kidney Specialist)


Dr. Pradeep Shenoy is Nephrologist with 10 years of experience in managing various forms of Kidney Diseases.

He holds his Post-Graduation in Internal Medicine from the Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMCRI), Bangalore. DNB, Nephrology from National Board of Examination, New Delhi. He is trained in Adult and Pediatric Nephrology from the Prestigious St.Johns Medical College(SJMC), Bangalore.
Dr.Shenoy is a Member of Royal College of Physicians London (MRCP), UK and holds a Special Certificate in Nephrology (SCE) from Royal College of Physicians London,UK. He holds Certificate in Kidney, Pancreas and Islet Transplantation from Leiden University, Netherlands and trained in Kidney Transplantation at University of Liverpool, UK.
He is a Brilliant Academician and Clinical Researcher with multiple National and International Publications. He is also Principle Investigators for multiple researches conducted by Population Health Research Institute (PHRI), Canada.


Renocare Provide Consultation For Various Forms Of Kidney Disease.